About Us

About us.

  • 1Founding - 2019

    Being artists to the core, we cannot help but notice the wonders created by esteemed personalities. Be it movies, architecture, sculptures, paintings, and so forth. Whether you agree with it or not, nature is the inspiration for these amazing man-made marvels. If you look close, you can see the intricacies, ratios, constants, and equations we apply to accentuate the beauty of our creations. One trip to Coorg was all that took us to realize that we should start recording the visuals that trip rewarded us with. Hence, our first video and an idea for a video production studio were born.

  • 2Initial Struggles

    Starting with a point and shoot camera, which you will refer to as a potato if you have seen the first video. We began reviewing the content we produced and took measures to improve the upcoming videos. And the learning curve was extremely beneficial, as we are Hollywood fans and have been seeing good films since childhood. We slowly and gradually added more tools to our arsenal and pushed ourselves to the limit. Our initial passion was travelogues and road trips, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We later considered branching out into other fields of filmmaking.

  • 3Starting Commercial Contents

    We realized that we had opportunities in the branding and advertising space of corporate businesses and started looking for prospective clients. Fortunately we met some good clients, but we had to cut short on budget. Having said that, we never sacrificed the production's quality. We have worked day and night on several projects for various kinds of businesses. Since we were practising a lot, our contents never disappointed, and clients were more than happy.

  • 4Current Status

    Since we are very particular in post-production, editing, colour grading, and voice scripts, it takes a lot of time before releasing a video, especially travelogues. Not to mention the pre-production planning and scripting. But we are happy to see that we have come a long way in improving the production quality. At the moment, our branding initiatives, advertisements, Instagram and Facebook content, and Youtube channels take precedence. Though there are a thousand things to accomplish, we intend to take our time and get things done.